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The Power of Silence

11.05.13 00:30

One of my friends asked me once what it means to worship God. The worship experience consists of the communication between you and your Higher Self; then your Higher Self attempts to communicate with the divine Father the inexpressible longings of your human soul — the combining creation of the God-seeking mortal mind and the God-revealing immortal...

From Cancer to Creating Works of Inspiration for ALL ages... Our May 2013 WOW Ga ...

25.04.13 19:16

Yes, We Have A New WOW Gal On May 1st!!! View Formal Announcement... Well until We Celebrate Our Next WOW Gal… YOU GO GIRLS!!!! Here's To Living YOUR WOW in the NOW!

Tags:  Angels, cancer

2013-2014-2015: Years Of The Heart

25.04.13 10:55

2013, 2014 and 2015 are the years of the Heart. The years of Unconditional Love. The years of understanding and forgiveness. The years of faith. The new energy is unfolding now: the female energy is helping us to change our destiny. This is a time of great change and we, Humanity, choose how much we want to change. There is a big...

The Bridge In Time

17.04.13 18:27

For months, I’ve felt the bridge in time, the elusive strands of energy between the Piscean and Aquarian Age. The turning between ages is like a wheel; the spokes turn and open in the space between ages, offering a dispensation of light. When we are between two ages, there is a great deal of light and less physical energy due to the oscillation...

The Angel News Network Weekly Message 4/7/13

09.04.13 06:04

Welcome to The Angel News Network Bringing the Wisdom and Teachings of the Divine Realms to Humanity Greetings In continuing our mission to lend support and guidance to you on your pathway we now share our weekly message to you. These messages come through spiritual channels associated with The Angel News Network that we feel may enrich our...

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Seeing the Soul

08.04.13 15:19

There’s a traditional view of reincarnation that most of us subscribe to. We’re born as a baby, go through life, get old and then die. Then after death we’re told our soul goes somewhere. The “somewhere” depends on the religion or belief system we were born into. After a period of time, we come back or reincarnate into another body and do...

The Secret Of Secrets The Secret Of Secrets

24.03.13 18:14

The Secret Of Secrets The Secret Of Secrets Story by: Drunvalo Melchizedek So much has been lost, but being eternal, it is never lost forever, only veiled! The Secret of Secrets — the hidden space within the human heart that all of creation emerges from — was in ancient times almost completely an oral tradition kept secret by the priests...

Shapeshifting The Environment Into A World Of Peace

14.03.13 19:05

From an interview with Diane M. Cooper Quotes are from The World Is As You Dream It and Shapeshifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation We’ve survived many catastrophes. According to legends, we people are in our fifth creation – destroyed four times before. Each time it has been the Shapeshifter – what you might...

Balance And The Mystical Heart

25.02.13 18:01

To push out into the unknown and discuss spiritual matters or anything else in Third Dimensionality, we use language. And using language usually means using metaphors. A metaphor establishes that something unknown is, in an important way, like something known. We try to push out into the unknown by extending the known. In a certain sense, all that we...

Welcoming The New Energy

12.02.13 19:54

Usually I view February 2nd as the rebirth of the year. It’s the time of the Chinese New Year, and spring is close enough so that I count the weeks or watch the buds on the trees and guess the number of days until the renewal of the life force. This year, I felt spring, the wild rush life on the winter solstice when everything oddly changed for me...

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