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Von Ryan Gavini, 22.10.16 08:15

Messages Revealed:

I am God. I am your God. I am the one who created all of you. I am the same God of the past. I am the present living God. I will always be your one, unchanging and unconditionally loving God.

I am the same God of those who belong in a religion and of those who do not belong in any religion. There is no difference at all.

I can be found inside the church or outside of it.

I am the same God of those who know me and of those who do not know me. There is no difference at all.

There are many who say that they do not know me but deep inside their spirits, I know that they know me because they respect and care for each other. There are many who say that I do not exist but deep inside their spirits, I know that I exist in their lives because they long for someone who would respect and care for them. They just don’t declare that they know me or that I exist.

What matters most is when you love yourself and others without conditions.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

I am you. I am he. I am she. I am them. You are me. They are me. I am anyone. Anyone is me. We are all one.

Someone said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

You are the way, the truth and the life.

When you see yourself as the way, the truth and the life, then you highly value yourself. You are the way to Heaven. When you see others as the the way, the truth and the life, then you would never disregard them. They are the ways to Heaven. We are all the ways to Heaven.

When you care for yourself, you care for me. When you care for someone, you care for me. When you are being cared by someone, I am the one who cares for you through that someone. When you long for someone who cares for you, I am here. Just call on your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend or someone who is a human being.

I am in anyone. Yes, I am in anyone.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

When you hurt someone, you hurt me. When you hurt yourself, you hurt me. When you are hurt by someone, I am hurt too. When you feel that that you are afraid of someone, you are afraid of me.

Literally, what you do unto others, you do it unto me. The only difference is that I do not suffer the pain of hurt while you suffer. I just feel your pain. I just share your pain.

I am God. I am perfect. My being a God does not decrease even if you kill yourself or even if you kill each other or even if you desecrate me in any way. My being a God remains to be absolutely perfect even if you destroy your mother nature. My being a God does not increase even if you build the biggest church in honor of my name.

I am God. You are God. You are all Gods for you are all created in my image and likeness. The only difference is that I live my being a God while you live you are not god or you live like you do not have a god.

When you live like you are not god, you can hurt or kill yourself. When you live like you do not have a god, you can hurt or kill others. Live like you have a God and then you will see others as Gods.

When you see a person, that person is you. That you...is me.

We are all one. Someone said, “God, I pray that we may all be one.”

I am God. You are on your way to be like God. You are on your way to be like me.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

When a person hurts you, I am still present in that person who hurts you but I do not do the hurt for I do not do that. That person is exercising his free will apart from my will. My will is for you to love each other unconditionally and when you do, you truly love me. But fear not, when you cannot even just respect each other, you will...someday.

Someday, you will love each other without conditions.

When you kill yourself or someone, you kill me. When you are killed, I am killed. But fear not, I do not die. You do not die. We all do not die. What you know of death is not forever. When you see someone dies, his spirit leaves the body. His spirit reincarnates into another body or when the person has loved unconditionally, he leaves his body and his spirit joins with me in Heaven forever.

I created you so I have someone to share my perfect happiness. I can never be truly happy if I am just alone here in Heaven. But before you can share my perfect happiness here in Heaven, you must freely choose to love me unconditionally as I love you all without conditions.

You can love me unconditionally when you love others without conditions. That is the main purpose of your existence in planet Earth. Do not forget that. Always put that in your mind above all. That is what matters most in your life. That is the most important lesson you must learn and master consistently. That is the most wonderful act you can do. That is what pleases me most and nothing else. Yes, nothing else. Virtually nothing else…

I give you chances to do it. There is reincarnation for you to renew yourself.

There is no eternal punishment. There is only temporal punishment. I really do not call it punishment for I do not punish. I call it a learning process. I want you to learn. In fact, you do the learning to yourself.

What you sow, you reap. What you do unto others, you do it both unto yourself and unto me. The only difference is that I do not experience the effect on what you do unto others. You will actually experience the effect of what you do unto others.

There is no end of your world. The word will end when everybody in your planet will love each other without conditions.

I am God, the Perfect One, the Uncreated Creator, the Unmoved Mover and the Uncaused Cause of everyone and everything.

I tell you that I love all of you. My unconditional love is the same and equal for all of you. No one is special in my eyes. Every one of you is special and pleasing in my eyes.

I feel your pain and joy because I am your Creator.

I am one with you as you are one with me. But before you can be perfectly one with me, you must be one with each other. Being one is achieved in unconditional love. When you achieve it, you will leave your body as you rest and live in perfect happiness and peace with me forever in Heaven.

As I am talking you, nothing may change in your life. You may still go on with your usual ways. You may still be immersed with your physical survival in your planet. You may still believe and live that you are separate from others. You mat still want to get rich materially. You may still want to be famous. You may still want to enjoy life’s pleasures and comforts.

You may still have fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence or lust in you. Those are your usual ways to get what you want. I tell you that it is okay with me. In fact, those are your starting points so you can cross to the other land.

The starting point is where you thirst for real happiness in your life.

There are many ways or bridges to cross to the other land. This other land is the only land where you find real happiness leading you to perfect happiness and peace with me here in Heaven forever.

Heaven is the one universal destination.

There are several bridges yet there is only one universal land leading to one universal destination.

Remember, there are many ways. I give you the freedom on which way you may take. There is no better or lesser way.

In taking a particular way of your choice, just be fully aware. Be fully aware that you are a three-part human being. You are physical, mental and spiritual. You are the body, mind and spirit. You are the Holy Trinity. You are three in one.

You truly feel that you are happy every time you are kind to someone. Your deed of kindness is the function of your spiritual part. Feeling is the language of the spirit.

You give food to someone who is hungry. The movement of your bodily parts in expressing tangibly your kindness is the function of your physical part. Touch is the language of the body.

You are kind to someone because you think it is both good and the right thing to do. You understand on what you are doing and you decide for it. Decision is the language of the mind.

The three are interconnected with each other. One cannot exist without the other. One cannot function well if the other two are not functioning well. The two cannot function well if the other is not functioning well. The three must co-exist and must function well.

Utilize fully your being a three-part human being in whatever way you may take so you can cross successfully to the other land.

Like a traveler, you must bring something. Bring this statement with you and live with it daily. “I must love myself without conditions. I cannot love others unconditionally if I do not love myself first.”

Loving yourself is taking good care of your three parts.

Be free in whatever way you may take. Be fully aware that you are a three-part human being. Utilize them fully. Feed them right so the three can function well. And do not forget to bring the statement. I tell you, my child, there is no way that you cannot be here in the ultimate end.

The Existence of God

Von Ryan Gavini, 08.04.16 16:28

The questions are: Is there really a God? Is there someone so great who created us and all these things we see around us? Is there only one God? If there is, why there are different religions who have different beliefs on God? To settle the long story once and for all, I tell you there is a God.

Looking at a bigger picture such as the primary source of the life of human beings, animals, plants, planets, universe and all that our science teachers are telling us about living and non-living things...I tell you, there is One Source why we and those things exist in the first place. And that is God.

Whether we call God as Brahma, Buddha Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Allah or whether the names mentioned are really gods or not, I tell you, it doesn’t matter. If you’re comfortable to call God as God, so be it. If you like to call God as Jesus or Allah, so be it. The answer then is up to you.

For those who don’t believe or doubt God’s existence such as the Atheists and Agnostics, I tell you, it’s alright. Someday, in the right order of time, you will humbly realize that your life will be filled with beautiful meaning once you become aware of an unseen Divine Being, carefully guiding you into the path of truth and happiness.

There are some who say, they have experienced seeing God. They describe Him to be a bright light where they feel at peace and joyful. Some say they see God in the person whom they have devotion with like that of the image of Jesus Christ. The question is...do we have to wait for those experiences before we become convinced that God truly exists? I tell you, No. The problem if we wish for those mystical direct encounter with God, what if...it doesn’t happen? Then you become in doubt and you live a life of confusion. You would then think that God plays favorites. You would then think that you’re unworthy and you’re just no good compared with the mystics, saints, monks and visionaries. But we can’t help but to ask why they’re experiencing those wondrous events in their lives and why can’t we have the same experience!?

Is God partial? The answer is No. I tell you, for most of us who don’t have these supernatural visions of God, let’s leave it this way. For all you know, it's better this way. For those who behold God in His radiance, it’s not a guarantee that their lives are filled with good health, success and happiness. For all you know, they suffered and were beset with dark imaginings on the other opposite side.

What matters now, there is a God who will never leave us. How can He leave us when He created us? It’s enough that we feel His presence every time we come back in our homes safe and sound. It’s enough to feel His presence every time we’re alive when we wake up to witness there’s still food, shelter and clothing around us. Most of all, it’s enough to feel His presence when we’re being taken cared by someone...friend, relative, spouse, sibling, grandmother, grandfather, mom, or dad.

Anyone can be a healer. When your intention is out of compassion to the other person, you can drive away the pain by your touch. Tell him that he needs to put his complete trust on you. In silence, sincerely pray as you call on to the Divine Power of God to descend upon you. Then visualize the pain leaving the body while you take it with your palm, throwing it away.

The healing can take place instantly or gradually depending on the healer’s spiritual level and of the patient’s faith. Oftentimes, healing doesn't happen because the patient has doubts.

On the other hand, sickness just can't be healed because the patient doesn't realize that what he continually feeds his body, mind and spirit is what causes the pain. That's where the healer fulfills the role of being a teacher, guiding us in what we should do in this human life so we are in the path towards total wellness.

The miracles of Jesus Christ which he performed were healing the sick, changing water into wine, walking in the sea, multiplying bread and fish and even raising the dead back to life. Those were just some of the extraordinary phenomena recorded in the Gospels. If you research enough and travel to gather documents, you might be surprised that what Jesus had done, had also been done by certain individuals who were spiritually advanced. Most of these persons are not known and publicized. They’d rather keep it to themselves because being famous could tempt them to be spiritually lost. In fact, they’d always tell their followers not to spread their deeds.

When you reach a high level of spiritual evolution, it is normal that you share the supernatural powers with the Universe and its Divine Creator. Jesus was like those individuals. Performing miracles was not done as an end to show off. Most likely, He did not plan in exhibiting those feats. He did it in order to transmit a spiritual message which should be remembered and lived by.

Since people, in His time, were hard headed and stone hearted, sometimes, He had to translate His sublime teachings into miracles which people can see in their eyes so they would understand more on what He really meant, penetrating the message into their lives.

The classic spiritual book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, documented the miracles done by Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and other holy personages in India. If you finish reading it, you will recall the words of Jesus that He really meant when He said, “Anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than than these.”

Paramahansa Yogananda said that ignorance is man’s most terrible sickness. That’s why, most of Jesus’ activities were teaching. He knew that healing the physical ailments of the human body was temporary. That explains why when He said, “Go and sin no more.” In other words if a person goes back to his old self, living a life like greed, anger, lust or deceit, then most likely, his sickness will come back and can even become worse.

Jesus was not without imparting a lesson every time He healed. The truth of the matter, His teachings bring about knowledge and understanding to the human mind. When put into practice, the spirit is freed, leading to inner peace and joy. The effect is wellness to the body which is lasting. In this framework. the spirit-mind-body interconnection is evident. Jesus, like other great spiritual teachers, devoted His life into teaching which resulted into the writing of the Holy Bible. With this method, His messages are able to reach billions of human minds. It is then up to us to apply His lessons.

When we are ignorant of the timeless wisdom not just from Jesus but also from other great spiritual leaders, sickness befall on us. In this kind of life, we live without direction, disregarding the welfare of our fellowmen, chaos and suffering will devour us to death.