All About Love

All About Love

by Sylvia Leifheit, 15.01.13 16:50

Love is simple. It is about loving the fiber that is in everyone and everything. When we step into this Oneness, we connect with this fiber. It is not about “being loved”. This energy is all encompassing. It is simple, never manipulative or clever. Integrity in character is a natural outcome, not a desired outcome of this state.

We become aware of our future angelic self, which is an impossibly (but possible) beautiful future that is a flow between the present and perceived. Like strands of rainbow light, when we learn to tap into our heart space for guidance, the light guides us, illuminating our momentarily actions with insight.

As we learn to focus on the freedom that is a result of the nature of the true self, our patterns are washed away by the emotional substance of love. This love is found in the space of the heart; it is not without in the world, it is within. But through time, we perceive it without. We see it in the movement of the clouds, the voice of a child, the rustling of the green leaves of a tree.

Joy and love are created in the moment. Momentary pleasures, which are pure and childlike in their nature, increase daily. As the desire to experience “more” increases, the light of the Universe, which is shared as our birthright, increases. This feeling of being supported by the light is so encompassing that we bend, change, turn and finally flow into the light of Oneness. Then, we are part of the All.

Finding Joy

Take a few minutes to observe your breath. Let the breath flow in and out of the heart chakra, the area of a large circle between the rib cage and throat chakra. As the breath flows in and out, see if you can allow it to flow and out of the same area in the back and front of your chest simultaneously.

Your heart chakra should feel open and full of air. Take a few more breaths if needed. Imagine that a great light floods into your heart area. Feel the light.

Ask for your happiest memories, the most beautiful times of your life. This could be the color of a sky, a tiny flower, the feeling of a child’s hand or a simple delightful moment. Happiness is a moment.
Feel these memories. Let the feelings pour through your being as you focus on one or more of these moments. You are happy. This is the joyful awakening of your heart.

You can practice this exercise often. It is useful in awakening the memories that are stored in your heart. With practice, you will become the joy that is in your memories. You can project this joy into the future or into the space where you stand. You will know when it works because everyone and everything will change instantaneously.

Loving our Relationships

We can send pink (love) or light blue (calm and ease) to our relationships with others, while forgiving ourselves for any difficulty or pain. We can send the same light to ourselves while meditating on the reception of love, happiness and sharing of others. Everyone knows how it feels when someone is unexpectedly kind or generous, and we can imagine or focus on the feelings. (It’s best to leave the particular people up to the universe. The more we define manifestation, the more we can limit it.) Most of us know how it feels to receive a great deal of love from parents, a spouse or child, and we can recall the feeling to replicate it in present. Love comes to us easily when we call it.

Loving Our Bodies

It’s good to send love to our bodies every day. One of the most powerful exercises lies in imagining the body as youthful on a regular basis. (Otherwise we tend to “pick up” the aging of others around us.) When we envision our body as young and strong, we actually tell the cells to do this for us. It’s very helpful to choose a time when we felt happy about our body and life – not just how it looked, but the feeling as well.

We often take our body for granted, but we actually read a great deal of psychic energy through the body. When we love our body, we eventually tap into its rhythm and desires. We learn that our energy level decreases in the presence of certain people or places. We may find that various foods are helpful at certain times of the day.

Loving Our Work

Work changes when we send love to it. After all, we’re loving the part of work that we experience. We can send love to the people who are involved with our work, love to the papers and pencils and the salary. There are two aspects of sending love to work. The first involves wanting a new job, and the other involves the expansion of our current work. In either case, we can express appreciation while dreaming up something new.

A Few More Tips

It’s best to look at life as an opportunity to shine our light – even when we are outgrowing people, circumstances or work. We can love the moment that we have now by seeing it as chance to transform the substance of our lives into something greater and more beautiful. We always create happiness when we move toward love.

By: Julia Griffin


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