April 2015 - “The Abundant Earth” Download the full article 04.04.2015

“Close your eyes. Shift your attention to Mother Nature…see yourself in the trees, mountains, the blue sky, clouds… and see the animals, deer, and birds… Feel in your body, feel the love that you have for Mother Earth. You must actually and truly feel love for nature.” This is an abridged quote from the opening of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s guided meditation, I highly recommend listening to it. If you would like to listen to more, this meditation is on a CD packaged with his book “Living in the Heart.” Welcome to “The Abundant Earth” edition of the Spirit of Ma’at.

In this issue:

Letter from Editor
Articles for the Month
Drunvalo and Claudette`s Corner
HeartMath Corner
Our Animal Friends
Online Showcase

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