Can Anyone Heal the Sick?

Anyone can be a healer. When your intention is out of compassion to the other person, you can drive away the pain by your touch. Tell him that he needs to put his complete trust on you. In silence, sincerely pray as you call on to the Divine Power of God to descend upon you. Then visualize the pain leaving the body while you take it with your palm, throwing it away.

The healing can take place instantly or gradually depending on the healer’s spiritual level and of the patient’s faith. Oftentimes, healing doesn't happen because the patient has doubts.

On the other hand, sickness just can't be healed because the patient doesn't realize that what he continually feeds his body, mind and spirit is what causes the pain. That's where the healer fulfills the role of being a teacher, guiding us in what we should do in this human life so we are in the path towards total wellness.


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