December 2013 - 'Winter Solstice Edition' Download the full article 10.12.2013

In this season where darkness and light meet and become one, quantum effects in the Heart of Creation birth the seed atom for the coming year. Inside that space, life opens to a sense of oneness out of which the next cycle can emerge. If we are attentive to the way Spirit moves whenever it enters the Great Void, it is more than evident that a new atmosphere has formed. Now that life is no longer spell bound by worn out patterns of separation and fear, our first year living in the heart of the female has taught us a few things - and the love that has just begun to awaken us from within is filled with a sense of unity that runs deep enough to express itself unconditionally. With the light of the Winter Solstice calling all of us to add our spark to the fire, it's time to turn our attention to what we will bring to the visions of the coming year. On the night of December 21st what happens next will birth itself out of our collective desire to create peace on Earth. When we speak of the Divine Female, it is through her that, that wish will come into being. The one who weaves life from within has returned to remind all of us how to follow her lead and live as the embodiment of the purpose for which we came into being. It is with this thought in mind, and prayers for love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace echoing deep in our hearts, that we welcome you to our 2013 Winter Solstice edition. May this month's list of articles and media presentations inspire you to bring all of your light to the creation of a new and better world. From our hearts to yours, we send our best wishes to all of you for an abundant and joyful Holiday Season!

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