The Higher Self And The Cosmic Cycles: 12/22/2012 - A New Cycle Begins

Drunvalo explains to humanity in his latest book – “The Mayan Ouroboros” – how the cosmic cycles come full circle. This new book is a continuation of “Serpent of light” and the guidance our native ancestors are sharing with us.

I get a lot of questions from people all over the world regarding what is going to happen on December 2012, and the months and years that follow. The whole world is asking what is going to happen.

Well, the Mayans themselves don’t even know exactly what is going to happen; or when, exactly. We have learned from Drunvalo about a “window” that opened in 2009 and will remain open until 2016. Anytime within this period of time we might have a massive change of energy and vibrations. But the question is not when, why, or what. The question is how we will go through this process.

In this period of time the most important thing is the connection with our Higher Selves. During the “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” Workshop, there is a specific meditation which allows us to connect and speak with our Higher Selves. This meditation changes people lives.

What is the Higher Self? The Higher Self is the fragment of God which indwells within humans. It is the absolute and unqualified assurance that humans can find God. Every human who is consciously or unconsciously following the lead of the Higher Self is living in accordance with the will of God. Consciousness of the Higher Self is consciousness of God’s presence.

The Higher Self is the absolute essence of an infinite being imprisoned within the mind and soul of a finite creature. It is the humans’ infallible cosmic compass, always and unerringly pointing the soul Godward.

Our Higher Selves are possessed with an unlimited ability to communicate with us and they are doing it in each moment. They are our spirits, pure spirits, presumably absolute spirits. They are also pure energy. God is the source of pure energy and pure spirit so his fragments would be both.

In each moment, our Higher Selves are helping us to transform our human nature, and this temporal creature, into the divine nature of an eternal being. Our Higher Selves are particularly interested not just in our intellectual capacity, but more in our spiritual perception. What is the potential of our souls and the spiritual capacity of receptivity?

Our Higher Selves understand what a difficult assignment it is to live here in the third dimension. However, communication with the Higher Self does not automatically bestow ease of living and freedom from strenuous thinking – although such a divine gift should confer a sublime peace of mind and a superb tranquility of spirit.

In the coming months and years, when the energy of our Mother Earth will change, we need to connect with our Higher Selves. We need to go into our Hearts and listen. Our Higher Selves will change our feelings of fear to unconditional love and peace. But they cannot do it mechanically; this is our task. Knowing how to go into the Heart and stay there will make the difference when Mother Earth changes her vibration to a higher level.

When it comes to knowing how to tell the difference between what is really right or wrong (not merely what you may call right and wrong), you can be sure that your Higher Self will always participate in a definite and active manner in such experiences.

And remember that the Higher Self is concerned not just for this life, but for the future life too. It is interested in helping you here, but it also wants to see you progress to a higher level of consciousness. As you are a human parent, so is your Higher Self the divine parent of the real you, your advancing self, your better spiritual self. It fuels the unceasing urge that leads humans to attempt the mastery of the material and present existence in the light of the spiritual and future career. The Higher Self is interested in, and concerned with, your daily doings and the details of your life just to the extent that these are influential in the determination of your significant temporal choices and vital spiritual decisions. Hence, it is a huge factor in the solution of your problem of soul survival and eternal progress.

The connection with the Higher Self is affected by our unsteady and rapidly shifting mental attitudes. The work of Higher Self is greatly retarded by our own preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices. Because of those handicaps we have a slow connection with our Higher Selves and confusion of concepts is inevitable.

Therefore safety lies only in prompt recognition of each and every thought and experience for just what it actually and fundamentally is, disregarding entirely our fear of what it might have been.

The Higher Self is not devoted to influence our human thoughts; this is our exclusive personality prerogative. They cannot interfere with our belief patterns. They are dedicated to communicate with us and help to improve, modify, adjust, and co-ordinate our thinking process. They are devoted to the work of building up spiritual counterparts of our career, of our true advancing selves.

When December 2012 comes we must have faith and remember the difference between faith and belief. Belief fixates, faith liberates. Beliefs may become group possessions, but faith must be personal. Theological beliefs can be shared wıth a group, but faith can rise up only in the heart of the individual. Living faith does not foster bigotry, persecution or intolerance. The energy and vigor of faith is according to our knowledge and its striving is the prelude to sublime peace.

Story by: Daniel Mitel


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