March 2014 - 'New Beginnings' Download the full article 03.03.2014

Life is short. We are here only briefly and we should put forth an effort to make it meaningful. Challenge yourself and do something you have never done before. Do not be afraid. Trust yourself and seek out new opportunities as Spring is a time of creation and rebirth. Everything that exists is spirit. All is just energy.

"Live without Pretending, Love without Depending, Listen without Defending, Speech without Offending" –Anonymous

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Letter from Editor
Table of contents
Drunvalo and Claudette's Corner
Norma Gentile - Sound Shaman: Sound Healing
Rev. Janette Sanchez - Forgiveness: A Change Of Heart
Sharyn Norwood - Neptune “the Redeemer” strives to return to the undifferentiated waters of the womb.
Peggy Black - New Seeds of Reality
Astrologer Salvador Russo - Sun In Pisces: Karma Comes For Us
Jo Mooy - Mt. Shasta – On its Own Terms
Cynthia G. Piano - A Spiritual March Into Spring
Reverend Dana Rondel - How To Have A Great Life And Become A Renowned Leader In Any Field Or Endeavor
Online Media Showcase

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