November 2013 - 'The Heart of Darkness Edition' Download the full article 08.11.2013

The Day of the Dead brings us all the way back to the bottom line. It is the place where life spirals into the dregs of decay, a vortex of disintegration where everything is reduced to nothing. In that space, the darkness reigns, looming large enough to trick us into thinking that it has the power to consume us. On a thousand different levels that's how things look - until we remember this one simple truth; the only way that we can really begin to see, is in total darkness. Once we move past the veil that colors our surface impressions, the optic nerves touch down in a deeper kind of light. It is here, in this realm, that the shadow aspect of everything becomes apparent to us. Now that the Samhain cross quarter has ushered us to the entrance of the Heart of Darkness, within that space, whether we are aware of it or not, the next 51 days will be spent coming to terms with that which we have yet to see about the Truth, and about ourselves. Opening to it, those of us who have learned how to plumb the depths know that this is where what we call magic happens - this is where the Single eye becomes omni-directional. As we descend into the very center of that underworld, it becomes important to remain open to the richness and the beauty that invigorates us from the shadows. It is with these thoughts in mind that we have compiled our November issue. At a time when the connection between the reality that we create, and our ability to live as the embodiment of the God within, is merging into oneness, may everything that you find in this month's edition fortify your spirit and inspire you with whatever it takes to lead you safely on your yearly journey through the "Heart of Darkness".

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