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With so much clearing and cleansing taking place in our bodies at this crucial time, I thought it essential to again discuss the energetic components of life and what within these can effect a cure for the diseases we have and are manifesting. There will come a time where humanity frees us from disease and lives in an immortal state of perfect health. But until that time, allow this “divine discussion” to support our highest good. This life-empowering, medical altering teaching is adapted from THE SECOND COMING: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims A New Age, by spiritual journalist and author Joel D. Anastasi, channeled by Robert Baker.

The Light of Source Never Fails,

Phillip Elton Collins, co-founder of the Angel News Network


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What are the energetic forces that create life?

What are the true cause and effect of disease that standard medicine does not know or recognize?

Why are we still largely treating symptoms? Are we sure to “cause no harm”?

Why are immune deficiency diseases like cancer and HIV now some of the largest killers in the world?

Most of our current treatments involve “fighting” a disease. What we resist persists. Is there a “neutral” way to heal?

Do we really die or transition into our permanent non-physical form?

Is the human mind the only resource where we can answer the above questions? Is science and our minds ready for solutions that do not come from the human mind but support our highest good? Has it always been this way during our evolution as a species? Yes, it has!


There are sixty-four on sites in DNA (current science knows forty-four). An on-site is a place in the DNA molecule where a waveform (energy) moves across it connecting two points. In connecting these two points, it produces the amino acids needed to create the chemical interactions in the endocrine system (which we are just beginning to learn the importance of) to bring strength and balance to the immune system and reproduction of the cells to restore the life, balance and harmony of the physical body. DNA regenerates life. Without these connections life in the physical cannot continue.

Our bodies renew all its atoms every year. Every few months our skin renews; some of our organs completely reconstruct on an atomic level. This happens through a production of mitosis and reproduction through the instructions of our DNA molecule since the DNA molecule instructs organisms through the genetic code…so when the on sites connect, producing amino acids, it restores health, well-being and balance to our bodies. Current science has figured much of this out.

When all the DNA on sites (forty-four to sixty-four) are connected this will bring about immortality in the physical. This is our destiny as a species and our science is catching up to the importance of so called “junk DNA” as the source to this immortality.


Our bodies are designed to be healthy and well all of the time. Disease is a distortion of the processes of the physical body. Disease is a distortion of the emotional, mental and physical processes. What we feel and think has a dramatic impact on the physical. Our sciences are also catching up to this reality.

The human body has three energetic diaphragms. There is one in the anus, one in the solar plexus and one in our throat. A spiral of energy moves up from the base of the spine to our crown (the kundalini sexual spiral). The others, the erotic spiritual spiral moves down from the crown to the base. When these forces are unimpeded it creates a wave called the orgasmic wave through the body, an experience of orgasm that creates a sensation of pleasure and excitement in the body. And supports our desire to be here. This is the life energy itself that current science cannot explain.

When we experience pain or trauma, we begin to shut down our ability to experience those waves of pleasure and excitement for life in order to get rid of or avoid the pain. When this happens we begin to develop armor rings of blocked energy and blocked emotions in various layers in the body like layers of an onion. These are horizontal rings, chronically impacted in the muscle tissues that prevent movement of the pulsation wave up and down in the body to create the sensation of life and pleasure. The pain becomes a “wound” and we develop “ego defenses” to survive/protect the wound. (A discussion of wounds and defenses is an entire teaching within itself. But know we can identify an individual’s wounds and defenses easily and assist in diagnosis and healing).

Where are these armor rings? There are seven armor rings altogether. There are armor rings in the ocular layers around the eyes, and cheekbones, another in the area of the jaw, lips and tongue, another in the throat, upper shoulders and neck, another in the chest and arms, another in the solar plexus, the upper abdominal region, and in the pelvis and legs.


The armor rings develop at varies times during childhood development creating experiences of shutdown with the sexual energy, the erotic force and the love force, (the various energies of life and lessons unto themselves) restricting the ability to experience the flow of life through the body. This creates a disconnection from our non-physical, eternal soul and the armoring of the five primary ego defenses (will give a brief explanation). Our ego then maintains and sustains these layers of armored defense chronically in the body. Our bodies become more self-contained as life goes on. We grow into adulthood and we shut down more and more, experiencing less pleasure and excitement for life, limiting our life force into a “comfort zone” where we are living or responding to little of life.

Our nervous systems then become an editing system that edits out everything except what the ego has decided is safe. So in effect we are often living through the illusion of our ego, defending ourselves against life which stops the flow of energy of the above three forces. The flow is stopped of the balance of giving and receiving, the masculine and feminine energies where love and the expression of being connected live. We stay in the “me” consciousness, not able to move into “we consciousness”. This is currently changing within our species.


The energetic structure of our body is the key element missing in standard medical practice. The body is the vehicle through which the spirit (energy) expresses itself when spirits is awakened (conscious). The energetic spirit aspect of the body cannot be conscious if the body (emotional, mental ad physical) is armored within its processes. The energetic aspect of us is always there; it is not something outside of our self…but it cannot be functioning properly if there are layers of wounds/defenses between you and it.


Through ownership we can begin to ease and free ourselves from disease. All disease is caused by each of us (as a tool to learn what we came here to learn; it is not to make us a victim). All disease is simply caused by imbalances in the functioning of the individual based upon imbalance in the individual emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

Until we understand and accept that life force (energy) interfered with or interrupted is what creates disease, we shall never be able to conquer the illusion of disease in which we currently believe (which is shifting).

Again, life force interruption occurs within our physical body when we have rings of energetic and emotional armoring in the tissues of the body that prevent the life force from flowing freely through the body up and down. That energy has to go somewhere. If it is confined in a limited space, it attempts to move and interferes with the organs or the areas of the body where it is trapped. There are forms of energetic healing (Reiki, Light Ascension, hands-on) which greatly assist by allowing the energy to flow properly.


Our mass medical community has no cognizance of the fact that energy is the source of creation (although this is beginning to change). Therefore what happens with energy is what creates disease, not what happens with the physical body. The physical body does not create disease. The physical body simply registers disease because the physical body is simply a hologram or a barometer of what is happening in the areas of creation that produce the physical body.

So all disease starts energetically, emotionally, and mentally. Then this is translated into the hologram reactions of the physical body. So the physical body simply registers symptoms. Thus, the medical profession at large treats symptoms. Its practitioners try to get rid of symptoms. But they don’t get to the source of the disease because they do not understand or refuse to understand energy. They do not understand how emotion creates the movement of energy and thus, creates the balance of the immune system and the balance of the conditions of the physical body. And most don’t understand or care how the mental belief systems impact the body (our thoughts and emotions create our reality; that’s how powerful we are). Our thoughts and emotions can actually be stored within our DNA cellular memory. Since we are not curing most diseases, some doctors are opening themselves to the new truth here.

Let’s be careful and not kill the messengers of new truths, as in the past. Let us accept with compassion and forgive what we do not know and where we need to change.


More people die of cancer and HIV than ever before. Cancer has become the leading killer in America over taking heart disease. Our cure rate with these diseases is low since we do not yet fully understand the cause/problem. Any immune deficiency disease is created on a cellular level. It involves the cellular reproduction of the body. Therefore, this disease, at their source, is a problem or a trauma that basically involves shame of self on a very primitive cellular level. This shame is often the result of not accepting who we are through self-identity…the lack of loving relationship with self (the way in which people use the force of creation in their lives to experience and express the power and identity of who they are).

Sexual identity issues are often seen in cancer and HIV. Cancer often strikes women (breast/reproduction organs) and men (prostate) related to their sexual identity and HIV is a sexually transmitted disease related to one’s sexual identity. It is related to energy that is blocked that does not allow the cellular memory of the body to reproduce itself at a healthy rate. It influences production of the T-cells, which reproduce the physical body.


To better address the cures for these diseases, which is deterioration of the physical body largely based upon a lack of self-love and shame, we need to get to the core. We need to get to the issues of lack of self-love and shame on a cellular level…where the right to be, the right to have life. The right to be you is concerned. And these issues have to be cleared. The traumas locked in certain regions of the body have to be cleared. The energy then has to flow through the body because the energy flows in the body determine the rate at which the cells can reproduce. (Talk about personal processing).

All of the emotional memory of non self-love and shame are taught/programmed into the spiritual aspect of the DNA at a very early age. This is encoded in the DNA, which is what makes it a cellular disease, which makes it a disease of immune deficiency because immune deficiency comes from the inability of the connecting points in the DNA to connect. When this happens they cannot produce the amino acids to create the chemical interactions in the body needed for the reproduction of cellular memory to restore the physical body. When that process breaks down, when the sense of self is shamed, it affects the immune system.


The immune system is not created to fight anything. Most of our disease cures are set up on the premise of fighting something. What we resist, persists. The immune system is created to assimilate the experiences of life. When it is forced to fight, it breaks down. This affects the production of cells. Therefore the source of the emotion has to be gotten to. There is a reason cancer and HIV are so rampant in our society. It is based upon shame of self that produces lack of intimacy and connection.

This is reflected in our wars, politics, marriage divorce rates and dualistic civilization where it is often every one for themselves. We are in the process of learning that without equality and unity we cannot advance as a species and survive. There are several new therapeutic processes that allow us to heal what is needed to heal.


New therapeutic processes have been created to allow the necessary flow of energy throughout the body by releasing the emotional and mental programming that’s trapped in the muscle tissues and in the organs of the body that create the energetic armoring that blocks the energy flow throughout the body.

These processes work like this…each energetic construction is based upon where and how the energy is armored in which layers in the body. As stated earlier, there are seven rings of armoring in the body.

Each one of those layers is related to a state of development in childhood. Each of those armoring’s has consecutive layers of energetic armoring that creates tension and stress in a certain area of the body physically and energetically that blocks the flow of energy there. When the energy is blocked there, it cannot flow through the body, so it literally explodes in that part of the body because it so locked in.

This creates a predetermination of what areas of the body later in life will probably break down in disease…heart, digestive, arthritis, cancer, HIV, etc.

What happens depends upon where the predominant layers of armoring are based upon the particular defense structure of the person and on which levels of emotional development the child got locked in.


We humans largely deal with disease on a physical level, discounting any energy aspects. So we often deal with it on a level of microbes and viruses and cellular balance and imbalance. What we do not yet fully understand is that if we are to get at the source of how disease is created from the perspective of movements of energy…we would no longer be working with physical symptoms. When we just work with the flows of energy, we shall not have to have disease any more. It is our destiny that this takes place in our evolution.


As humans begin to fully understand the functioning of DNA and how to manipulate its functioning, we shall be able to eliminate disease altogether. Remember that DNA is the cellular structure recording all the information that moves through the body. The DNA holds not just the physical genetic implications but also the emotional, mental and energetic patterns. Basically DNA is a blueprint of patterns that the RNA has sent it. RNA records the information from the body and sends it into the DNA. The DNA unscrambles it and sorts it into blueprints or patterns. In the past the RNA molecules has been functioning in one way only. It sends information into the DNA from the body system and through the endocrine system (which mirrors the star systems that seeded this planet; this an entirely other study).

As we begin to open the spiritual aspect (energy) aspect of DNA, it begins to operate as a two-way system. In the future it will begin to send information it has recorded in the DNA out into the consciousness of the individual. So we shall be able to access what is recorded in the DNA on a conscious level and begin to manipulate that. This will be a life-altering game changer how we live!


Until the above information becomes commonplace, stay connected to like minded/spirited people gaining a greater understanding of how your own physical body operates and taking responsibility for balancing its energy flows. The by example, you can raise the vibration of the body and you can overcome disease and maintain the body in balance and health. And you can also begin to share with others what you know. Studying Reiki energetic healing is one method whereby you begin to understand energy…how to access it, how to make it flow, how to balance it.

The more we investigate the origins of life from the energetic stand point, the more it becomes something that more people embrace, the more it becomes common knowledge and less mysterious and threatening to established medicine…then we can develop comprehensive/integrated medicine.

Reiki (energetic) healing is a method of learning to use the universal life force of energy. But that in of itself is not enough. We also have to have an understanding of our own personal process (a deep examination of the relationship with self). When I took my training as a healing arts therapist I had to be in a personal process so I could better receive my healing in order to assist others in theirs. So what you are doing in a therapeutic process is also an absolute necessity because the vehicle must be clear in order to sustain the movement of energy. One of the reasons there is so much diseases on our planet, so many immune-deficient diseases, is because it is showing how great an imbalance there is in the physical system.


Many of us were taught that germs create disease. Since then, science has reversed that. They have said germs do not create disease. Germs can contribute to creating imbalance but they do not create disease. We are exposed to germs all the time. We have germs in our body all the time. Why do some people take those germs and create disease and other people do not? It has nothing to do with the germs; it has to do with how the body is responding to what is taking place, how it is using it.

Take the immune system for instance; people have thought the immune stem is used to fight disease. The immune system does not fight disease. When the immune stem has to fight, it breaks down. The immune system is used for bringing balance to the body. When the immune system is balanced, there is health and well being. When it is out of balance because it has to fight, it breaks down and disease occurs because it becomes weakened.


The energies of the planet have been raising their vibration over the past 75 years, particularly since 1987 (on my birthday) when the Harmonic Convergence occurred, this created a massive stepping up of that vibration. Since then the 1994 the Jupiter comet occurrence and other cosmic events have taken place. Each of these has created an infusion of higher vibration of consciousness and energy into the earth plane and into the bank of DNA around the earth. So it is creating a mutation of the planetary DNA and it is also creating a mutation of the human DNA, as a direct reflection of that within us.

Because of these events and since our bodies are so polluted or so blocked, when the vibration is raised that immediately starts an entrainment process that brings up everything that is diseased in the body, everything that is out of balance, everything that is in resistance, everything that is in conflict. Does this sound like our world today? And the body simply becomes a mirror of the conflict!

When we start this entrainment process, all of our “stuff” comes to the surface and all the toxins start to surface…so we go through a kind of healing crisis because we are disturbing energetic blocks within our body that have been there for years.

Most of us have learned to live with this with a certain degree of stress and shutdown and we have accepted as normal or part of growing old.

The experience of humanity is not an experience of becoming more open and available to life. The process of living, aging and getting older has become a process of gradually shutting down to life. This has become the normal process, quite the reverse of what it should be or is intended.

There is no reason why the body has to age and fall apart. The only reason it does is because as we grow older (because of our wounds and defenses) we shut off to more and more life. And we often create a smaller and smaller frame of reference for living. We often fight change, fight development and fight growth.

We humans often seem to accept limitation and lack rather than growth, expansion and development because change appears threatening. But the process of living is the process of changing. The process of living from a soul/energy perspective is the process of growth and expansion. That’s all our soul is interested in! Our wounded ego is interested in confining, limiting, keeping things in a comfort zone that it can understand and attempt to control.

By allowing the ego housed within our belief system’s mental bodies to surrender to our knowing hearts we can allow ourselves to surrender to not knowing and allow the void to reveal all possibilities and probabilities of life—a new way of being and healing.


How much we are able to breathe in determines how much life we feel we deserve. How much of life we are able to receive. This is a direct indication of our receiving pattern. How much we breathe out is going to be determined by how much we breathe in. So it is an exact indication of our ability to give of our self, to share our self, to expose our self to life.

How we breathe is the key to how we live. This is the fundamental key to the universe; it is the key to life.

As much as we are able to breathe in is as much of life as we are able to receive…that we feel we have a right to receive. Therefore, we shall limit our self to receiving in life according to how much we limit our breath. If we limit our taking in of life, we shall also be limiting what we feel we have to give to life, what we feel we can expose to life, what we feel we can give to life without feeling we are giving something up or giving our self.

Giving and receiving are the exact mirror of one another. In effect, they are the same thing. As I give I receive. As I receive, I give. If I am only breathing out, only giving, I shall die. If I’m only breathing in, only taking in, only taking, I shall die. We must be able to breathe in and out. Most people use only 15-20 percent of their lung capacity is an indication of how much we feel we deserve where life is concerned and how healthy we are.

We are literally living a life of starvation. We are starving the brain of oxygen and its capacity to function as a physical functioning unit to be able to interpret and take in consciousness. This is why most people are not very astute where conscious awareness is concerned. They are asleep because the brain itself is not oxygenated so it cannot fire neutrons.

Being able to breathe in or not also interferes with the functioning of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the distributor of energy to the various chemical processes that nourish and nurture the various organs and systems of the body. The endocrine system is the doorway between the conscious mind, the subconscious and the super conscious. It controls the functioning of the nervous system through how it balances or distorts the serotonins and various chemical processes that are produced in the brain. The breath is also the source of the reproduction of life on a cellular level. The breath is the source of all this!

We have been given the gift of life in the breath, the secret of life in the breath. If we use that secret of life, we have the ability to regenerate life endlessly. The one thing that keeps us from regenerating life and reproducing it, which results in aging, disease and death, is in fact that less than one percent of the body can reproduce itself. The cells of the body are programmed with messages of trauma and therefore stimulate the release of the emotional charges held in the body that keep the damaged areas in place.

If the on the other hand, we are able to free ourselves from our personal history in the body, we have potential of immortality in the physical body.


In the DNA itself, in the forty-four on sites that have never been stimulated, what scientists call the junk DNA; they’re beginning to understand it is not junk DNA. It is spiritual DNA. It is the potential for immorality in the physical. As they further uncover the secret to the DNA molecule, they are now predicting the possibility of the average life span increasing to two hundred years over the next fifty to one hundred years. And within the next two hundred to five hundred years, they are predicting the average lie span increasing up to five hundred or more years.

These are speculations based upon what they have discovered thus far. However, those speculations fall far short of what is possible. Look at the cases where a life-threatening disease has had an instantaneous healing. That healing happened because more than twenty on sites in the DNA were activated. By activating a few more on sites, the disease was eradicated from the body instantaneously. If we were using ten more of those on sites on a regular basis think what could be possible.

And as discussed earlier, incorporating personal processing and breathing we further access the sensation of being. And remember we stop breathing because breathing produces feeling. And feeling is the sensation of the movement of the life energy through the body.

When the movement of that life energy through feeling is associated with pain, we begin to stop the breath process to stop pain. This begins early in childhood and gradually increases into adolescence. By the time we are an adult we have pretty much begun a slow movement towards our annihilation simply through the process of shutting off feeling.

The DNA molecule is influenced by feeling. It holds all our emotional patterns in place…all our emotional patterns of resistance and acceptance. When we are holding feelings in the body, we are holding the life force and preventing it from movement, preventing it from having expression. When this happens, it creates a length of waveform in the DNA that misses connecting the on sites in the DNA.

Therefore it does not produce the necessary amino acids and chemical production in the endocrine system that brings about the balance in the immune system. So when we are holding emotions we are having a negative experience of emotion because holding or suppressing creates resistance, which creates pain. Pain creates fight and any form of fighting or resistance simulates a closed system that is feeding upon itself and the system breaks down.

When however the DNA is affected by a wave of a movement of feeling, which means we are accepting and experiencing our feeling moment to moment, it produces a different length of waveform. It is a matter of allowing all feelings, negative or positive. The DNA is stimulated by the allowance of all feelings. When there is a flow of feelings it produces a length of waveform that connects the on sites in the DNA molecule. Connecting those on sites produces and stimulates the production of those chemicals needed to bring about the balance of the immune system and thus, the physical body.

And remember the entire process starts with our breathing; breathing is the source. Without breathing we cannot think, or feel because breathing awakens the consciousness in the physic body. When we breathe into the body, we stimulate awareness. We stimulate life. We stimulate consciousness. So the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body are dependent upon the breath. Everything in life is dependent on three things: the breath, movement and sound. Life is movement. Resistance is non-movement, which is death.


All healing is a manifestation of knowing on some level—the ability to know the perfect state of being and to hold that perfect state of being unflinchingly without a doubt. To hold it with the wholeness of our being with absolute knowing of the perfection of that state of well being and health. To focus, not on the disease but on the healing. Not even on the healing so much because when you focus on the healing, you are focusing on the expectation of process rather than the knowing of the state of being.

When we encounter a disease such as cancer, allow our self to embody the truth of that life force, to embody it by becoming neutral and taking it within and allowing it to pass through us and allowing it to radiate forth to those who will receive it.

Worry simply adds to the problem. It simply sustains the cancer. Worry is not love. It is fear. See our self or another in a perfect state of being without a doubt…move into the quantum field of possibility and probability, which is the pregnant void of creation. It is the place of all probability and possibility that exists simultaneously at all time. (Doubt, fear and ignorance are the monsters of mankind).

When we dip into the seas of possibility and probability where reality is concerned let us be sure we dip into it with a very clear focus of that intention so that we pull from it the probability that we want to create most specifically.

Focus our consciousness and our feelings, our intention and our feelings. We can surround the cancer cells with absolute love. Embrace them with absolute acceptance, nurturing and love so that we are not fighting them. Because the minute we have to fight anything we are aiding and abetting the very things we want to destroy.

Affirm that you are in a perfect state of health and well being. That it is my divine right and I demand and declare that it is as it is. I am perfect here and now. Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need.

Let us begin to approach life and disease in a different way. In doing so we shall approach life and disease in a way that has faith in life, trust in life and that honors life through the choices that we make in life that are different from the ones we are making now.




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