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August 2014 - 'Health and Harmony'


Have you noticed a subtle tingling or sensation of warmth rising up from your feet when you are walking barefoot on earth (grass, gravel, dirt, sand, or concrete)? Because the earth has health boosting energy, we should Mehr

July 2014 - 'Purpose'


Welcome to Spirit of Ma’at! We invite you to join intuitive living through the wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. This month, we have new articles from HeartMath, an internationally recognized organization for Mehr

June 2014 - 'Awareness'


Recently I have seen that people’s awareness of the world has been changing. Some of us have maintained resistance to change, but we should face the reality of the new world and remove our old ways of thinking to Mehr

May 2014 - 'Gratitude'


If you appreciate everything in your life, what you do, what you have, whatever it is, your energy will change positively, whether you intend it to or not. Your positive outlook will be reflected in everything you Mehr

April 2014 - 'Empowerment'


The Universe does not seek to cause harm in our lives, it is merely our perspective that allows us to interpret these things as good or bad. Everything happens for a reason and our goal is to understand what the world is Mehr

March 2014 - 'New Beginnings'


Life is short. We are here only briefly and we should put forth an effort to make it meaningful. Challenge yourself and do something you have never done before. Do not be afraid. Trust yourself and seek out new Mehr

February 2014 - 'Love and Intention'


This month’s focus is on intention. When we act, our intent is key. We should have the intention to be kind, generous, and genuinely concerned about the needs of others. It may be necessary to be self-interested or Mehr

January 2014 - 'Transformation'


It is the time for a transformation within ourselves. In our hearts, we know what we need to do now. Just follow your heart, follow your intuition. You have the power to change yourself to allow greater prosperity into Mehr

December 2013 - 'Winter Solstice Edition'


In this season where darkness and light meet and become one, quantum effects in the Heart of Creation birth the seed atom for the coming year. Inside that space, life opens to a sense of oneness out of which the next Mehr

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