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March 2014 - 'New Beginnings'


Life is short. We are here only briefly and we should put forth an effort to make it meaningful. Challenge yourself and do something you have never done before. Do not be afraid. Trust yourself and seek out new Mehr

February 2014 - 'Love and Intention'


This month’s focus is on intention. When we act, our intent is key. We should have the intention to be kind, generous, and genuinely concerned about the needs of others. It may be necessary to be self-interested or Mehr

January 2014 - 'Transformation'


It is the time for a transformation within ourselves. In our hearts, we know what we need to do now. Just follow your heart, follow your intuition. You have the power to change yourself to allow greater prosperity into Mehr

December 2013 - 'Winter Solstice Edition'


In this season where darkness and light meet and become one, quantum effects in the Heart of Creation birth the seed atom for the coming year. Inside that space, life opens to a sense of oneness out of which the next Mehr

November 2013 - 'The Heart of Darkness Edition'


The Day of the Dead brings us all the way back to the bottom line. It is the place where life spirals into the dregs of decay, a vortex of disintegration where everything is reduced to nothing. In that space, the Mehr

August 2013 - 'Heart Of Creation'


The month of August holds space for a vibration that is out of this world. Everything about it is bigger than life. Between the heat and the light a spark is ignited that shines brightly enough to show us what happens Mehr

July 2013 - 'The Clear Light Of Truth Issue'


The month of July is the time of fire and water. During this stretch of the year these two, totally incompatible elements give us a good lesson in the reconciliation of opposites. As the Dog Days double the heat of the Mehr

June 2013 - 'Midsummer Solstice Issue'


As the Sun approaches its zenith, and a steady round of solar flares ushers us into this season of heat and light, anyone can see that we are at a tipping point. The Summer Solstice alone, would be enough to take us Mehr

May 2013 - 'The Beltane Issue'


In pagan Ireland, the Beltane fires could not be lit until the High King had ignited the pyre on Tara Hill. Right up until Saint Patrick usurped him, that custom was observed to honor the marriage of the Great Father and Mehr

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